The firm of Dr. Crespo & Partners specialises in dealing with all fiscal matters, including property taxation for both residents and non-resident property owners and others with an economic interest in Spain. We are also active in the taxation of companies, both residents and non-residents and branches in Spain.

Taxation in Spain is currently undergoing radical changes. The law in this area is complex, time consuming and requires a great deal of documentation.

We advise clients on the different taxes for which they are liable according to the type of property they own and its class of use, for example: Income tax, Wealth tax, Inheritance tax and V.A.T

We handle all documentation and payments on behalf of the client. Our aim is to minimise taxes and mitigate the stress to the client.

For non-residents we offer comprehensive tax advice and representation for a reduced annual fee.

You can contact us on the telephone numbers:
+34 96 574 02 20

send a fax to our fax number:
+34 96 574 02 99

or send an e-mail to us to:
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