Trabajo con clientes rusos


Spain, being a country that for many people has very favorable living conditions, has become a multicultural country. And it is inevitable to interact with people of different nationalities. This can happen both in the realm of private life (marriage, children, inheritance, etc.) and at work (client, contracts, business, etc.).

In any case conflicts can arise where the presence of a foreign element is evident. In addition to the time to carry out any business or agreement, even the most basic, it is necessary and advisable to consult with a lawyer and, even more so, if in the assumption intervene some foreign element.

Our office has a wide experience of working with foreigners, we know their way of seeing life and their way of doing things. Including Russian-speaking foreigners.

The latter represent an increasingly large and present population in our country and above all in our area of ​​Alicante. This phenomenon is due to many factors that we are not going to analyze. However it is self-evident. With more Russian-speaking citizens, the relationships of various types with them have also increased. What implies the need to know from a legal point of view, among others, how these relationships can be developed.

If you are interested in any information our department specialized in working with this type of clients, will inform you and if you need it will carry out a more detailed study of any question that interests you. Likewise, we can intervene in any type of negotiations and businesses.


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